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Cavan County Heritage Office

The Heritage Council part funds the network of 28 City/County Heritage Officers in Local Authorities across the country.  The Heritage Council’s vision is that the value of our heritage is enjoyed, managed, and protected for the vital contribution that it makes to our identity, well-being and future. 

The guiding principle of Cavan County Heritage Office is to ensure that “the unique and diverse heritage of County Cavan is conserved, sustained and, above all, cherished and celebrated by the people of the County”

This will be achieved through the following aims:

  • Cavan County Heritage Office will conserve, protect and manage heritage throughout County Cavan;

  • To sustain the rich and diverse heritage of County Cavan for present and future generations;

  • To enable the people of County Cavan to cherish and celebrate their heritage

  • To ensure that heritage-related matters are communicated effectively to all sectors

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