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Conservation Grants for Protected Structures 2022

Malcom Noonan TD, Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform at the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage launched the Built Heritage Investment Scheme and the Historic Structures Fund for 2022.
With €8 m in funding across both schemes – an increase of €2 m from 2021 – they represent a continued and significant boost to the preservation of Ireland’s built heritage. These schemes will support hundreds of projects whilst also creating employment.
Anne-Marie Ward, Heritage Officer, Cavan County Council welcomed next year’s funding and in particular the increase in this funding. “These two streams of funding support owners of historic buildings to look after their properties and provides a welcome boost to the local economy. Cavan County Council is delighted to be able to participate in the Built Heritage Investment Scheme and the Historic Structures Fund.


The Built Heritage Investment Scheme is designed to support owners and custodians in caring for our built heritage and ensuring its protected into the future. Buildings must be on the Cavan Record of Protected Structures. Details of the 2022 scheme are below.
BHIS 2022 Circular
Download PDF • 1.14MB
BHIS 2022 Application Form A
Download PDF • 656KB

Funding of Projects
The minimum funding awarded will be 2,500 up to a maximum of 15,000, at a match funding rate of 50%.
Priority is given to small-scale labour-intensive projects.

The closing date for application under this scheme is 31st January, 2022.


The primary focus of historic structures Fund will be on conservation and enhancement and historic structures and buildings for the benefit of communities and the public. Details for the scheme are below. Please note the requirement for an appropriately qualified conservation professional to oversee the works, and for a comprehensive and sound methodology to accompany the application.

The Historic Structures Fund 2022 has several streams with different requirements.

Historic Structures Fund 2022 Circular
Download PDF • 1.07MB
HSF2022 Appendix I - Form A (Applicant)
Download DOCX • 94KB

All applications under the Historic Structures Fund must be accompanied by a completed Form A and a comprehensive method statement prepared by a conservation professional.
The closing date for receipt of applications under both schemes is January 31st, 2022.
For further information please contact: Heritage Office, Cavan County Council, Johnston Building, Farnham Street Cavan


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